Sunday, June 19, 2016

Blog Tour Featuring The Trouble with Antlers (a.k.a. Melvin's Rampant Rack)

It's release week for The Trouble with Antlers, which is currently available for pre-order on Amazon, and goes live this Thurs., June 23.

Available on Amazon

In honor of its release, I'm participating in a blog tour all week. Here is where you can find me this week:

Mon., June 20:  Visit Firefly Hill Press to read a memo from Shifterville's mayor, David Peacock, on the preparations being made for the arrival of the town's first human residents.

Tues., June 21:  Visit Cara McKinnon's site for a peek at how Shifter High is prepping for the arrival of its newest, and first human, student.

Wed., June 22: Visit Jennifer Loring's site for an inside look at the greatest threat to shifters today: Melvin Moose.

Thurs., June 23: RELEASE DAY! Visit Jessica Knauss' site for a sneak peak and excerpt from The Trouble with Antlers (a.k.a. Melvin's Rampant Rack).

Fri., June 24: Visit J.L. Gribble's site for an author interview, where I talk about the writing process, creating the world of Shifterville and upcoming projects.

Hope to see you there!

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