Monday, July 10, 2017

New Release: Revenge of the Tiger

Finally! A new book for T-Rab!

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

Hey! Who let the tiger back in the classroom?

And why are the students
so happy to see him?
Don't they know he's up to no good,
plotting against their beloved Tyrabbisaurus Rex?

Well, it's a good thing T-Rab's got a plan 
to save the world 
from that dastardly spy of a tiger!

Warning: This book contains bunny poop, 
fierce Tyrabbisaurus Rexes 
and a rampaging Tiger-Spy. 
Read at your own risk.

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Of course you can still find him on Twitter @tyrabbisaurus as well.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Ozarks Indie BookFest: Anthology Cover Reveal (UnderDogs) and More!

I am so excited to be an attending author at Ozarks Indie BookFest. Not just because it's a fantastic event, benefiting two amazing charities (Loving Paws Rescue and Companions for Heroes), but also because we will be launching an anthology I participated in at the event. 

It's a charity anthology, again benefiting the two charities above, and has an amazing collection of authors. You can visit their Facebook pages by clicking on their names below:

Cover Designed by The Always Amazing Jo Michaels

I hope you will consider joining me 
in the Ozarks this October. 

The event is sure to be amazing!

Tickets are available for purchase here.

Hope to see you there!