Monday, October 27, 2014

Kitten Update

No luck finding anyone who claims the kittens.  A neighbor near where I found them told told me that the kittens were born outside and that the local kids (I found the kittens right in front of an elementary school) play with them, but that no one actually owns them.  This would explain why they're so friendly! Most kittens born outside aren't as friendly as these (most aren't friendly at all!) In any case, this means I definitely need homes for these babies.

I've contacted local shelters and one has promised to take them as soon as they have space.  In the meantime, I'll continue fostering and falling in love with the darlings more every day.  If anyone wants a kitten, you know where to find me!

Update 11/15/14:  A local shelter has taken the three kittens and promised to work hard to find them forever homes. It was hard to hand them over, but with a full house, I just couldn't keep them indefinitely, though I desperately wanted to!  I miss the little darlings already.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kittens Kittens Kittens

I rescued three kittens this morning.  They were playing on a busy street, running out in front of traffic, generally freaking me out.  I expected them to run from me when I pulled over and went to get them, but these kittens were completely socialized.  So, of course, I spent time trying to find their owners.  No one knew who they belonged to and they were playing right in front of an abandoned house so I fear they were left behind.

They had no collar and they were clearly without any common sense (running in front of traffic!)  Also, there was no mother in sight.  I went ahead and took them home, but will continue trying to find out if they have a family. Once I'm sure no one's missing some kittens, I'll be contacting shelters, in the hopes that someone can take them. If anyone needs some kitten-love in their life, let me know.

They're absolutely adorable and over-the-top loving.