Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The Trouble with Antlers: COVER REVEAL

The best news ever this month: Jeanine Henning agreed to also illustrate my Shifter High series and what she is doing with these characters is simply amazing.

I love working with her and each day is a special treat as I see what she has to send me next.

Today was the cover in color. AMAZING.

Before the color version, however, there came Melvin in ink:

Awesome, right? Truly superb. I couldn't imagine that he would get any better than that. But then we had Melvin in color:

I'm kind of crushing on my cute, awkward, adorable Melvin. Seriously. I just can't even imagine this getting any better.

But then today.

The cover.  The COVER.

I am so sincerely amazed at this cover. It's just perfection. Jeanine is my absolute hero! First, she brings T-Rab to life, now Melvin and soon his friends as well. I'm on cloud nine right now.

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