Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Guest Blogger: Andi Adams

I'm thrilled to host Andi Adams on my blog today. Andi is a fellow author and blogger and is here to share some information about her recent release, The Girl in the Glass Box. Welcome, Andi!
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10 Things You Didn't Know About The Girl in the Glass Box

by Andi Adams

1.     The first draft of this story took one year to write.
2.     I envisioned a young Marion Cotillard as Genevieve (Snow White) while I was writing.
3.     Before I even knew what the story was going to be about, I already had the title set in my mind. It was the first thing I decided upon, and pretty much wrote the story around it.
4.     The amazingly talented artist who designed the book's back and front cover is from Croatia.
5.     Many critique partners and writing friends tried to convince me to change the ending because they didn't believe it to be commercial enough, but I kept it because I believe it best articulated the theme of the overall work.
6.     The rhyming verses spoken by the mirror was one of my favorite parts to write. I had to change a few parts along the way as the plot shifted, but generally, I loved writing them and pushing myself to find logical and appropriate ties to the words and the plot.
7.     In spite of the many instances of bird symbolism, I am pretty terrified of birds. I'm not a fan of their beady eyes. They just freak me out!
8.     At the last minute (seriously, only days before publication), I changed Genevieve's love interest's name from Adrian to Oliver because I believe there to be too many names that started with the letter "A" and I was afraid that it would cause confusion. Instead, I chose to keep Alaricus and Agrippine as the only ones with "A" names because they are brother and sister and have villainous ties to Snow White.
9.     It hopefully will be obvious to most, but Arcana is based on a fictionalized version of France in the medieval ages, and Heiglet on Germany. I tried to keep pretty true to their borders, geography, language, and even the resources available to them (types of trees, types of birds, etc). So a lot of research went in to that aspect of the setting and structure of the work.
10. My favorite character is, without a doubt, Grog. I loved writing his dialogue and his parts are the ones that, to this day, make me laugh out loud. He experienced a great deal of growth throughout the story and I really struggled with some of the parts of his character arc because they were so emotional for me to write through. But I love his sass and his sarcasm and his honesty. He really does grow on you – well, at least he did for me.


Author Bio:  

Andi Adams writes, teaches, gets excited about performing random acts of kindness, invents words, and talks with strangers, as often as she can. She loves learning about the world, about others, and about herself, and uses that knowledge to write realistic fiction – everything from YA Fantasy to Women’s Lit. She has a passion for travel, for all things Harry Potter (of course!), and for her two dogs, who are also incidentally her biggest fans. The Girl in the Glass Box is Andi’s first novel.


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