Friday, January 1, 2016

Sehmah's Truth: COVER REVEAL

It's a brand new year, a year I intend to claim as the first in my journey as a published Indie author.

And so, as a sort of symbolic gesture of my commitment, today I signed up to have a table at this year's Utopia conference. Which of course, means that I will need to have actual, physical books at the conference, which takes place toward the end of June.

Thus, I have six months to get my act together.

It shouldn't be so terrifying. Sehmah's Truth is completely ready for launch. I even have a cover. I'm simply hesitating to pull the trigger. Partly because of the dilemma I think all would-be Indie authors face - launch a single title into the void or wait to launch several titles together?

I actually have several other books I could focus on getting ready to launch with Sehmah's Truth. In particular, Tyrabbisaurus Rex is ready, though I still need a cover and an illustrator (someone with a lot more talent than me). I also have a number of picture books languishing around my laptop that I could recover from the depths... if only I had an illustrator more talented than me.

I'm sensing a theme.

I think this will be my next step: illustrator search, here I come.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this amazing cover, created by Laura Gordon of The Book Cover Machine:


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