Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Casa de Cats

So apparently my house is breeding ground zero for KCK because once again, I have found myself trying to trap the most adorable little kitten EVER.  I realize I say that about every kitten I’ve rescued so far, but truly, they’re all just so CUTE!

This kitten is tiny, with no evidence of any mommy or siblings around. I’m amazed he’s survived. He’s been hanging out under my porch and the porch next door and last night, he was actually hanging out at the top of my stairs, meowing at my kitties on the porch.  It was sooo cute.  He was begging to be let in.  So… I camped out in front of the door with some food. Cracked the door a bit and waited for him to come in. As soon as he was inside, I closed the door, and …

Exploding Terrified Kitten.

Of course, I expected this and therefore had my hoodie ready and waiting. I gently covered him up and scooped him into my arms, petting, petting, petting and Terrified Kitten became Adorable Purring Machine.  SO. DARN. CUTE.

Now I just have to somehow convince T.A.R.A. that one more kitten is not too many.  Because really, in my household of five cats and one rabbit, one more kitten is DEFINITELY too many. But he’s so darn cute.  I wanna keep him, and who can blame me? Check out his utter cuteness:


Mama Dru, let me in!


Am I cute or what??

Updated 10/18/12: This cute boy is officially named Pumpkin Latte and T.A.R.A. has agreed to find him a forever home.

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